Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Apryl Jones appeared to confirm her breakup with cast member Lil Fizz during an appearance on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan.

"You know Dreux is a great man, and his focus is on Kam, my focus is on my children, and we are where we are, and I kinda wanna leave it there," she said when asked about the status of their relationship.

But Apryl denies that she was the reason for B2K's breakup, despite being called out by several celebrities.

"That's a judgment," she explained. "That's people who don't know, those people have the right to their opinion. The truth is the truth, and that isn't the case. The group was broken up before I came into the picture. It was already done, there was so much going on behind the scenes. They were already done."

Shortly after the controversial couple went public, Omarion announced a 2020 Millennium Tour, without B2K, on the day of Lil Fizz's birthday.