Apryl From Love & Hip Hop Dressed 'LIKE A TH*T' . . . At Disney Land!!

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Apryl Jones is Omarion's baby mother, and a former star of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. She's now coming under fire, for wearing a very sexy outfit, while taking her kids to Disney Land. Many people are saying that she dressed like "a th*t" at the kids park.

Apryl's comments are filled with angry people, who feel the outfit is inappropriate to be worn - in front of kids. Here are some comments from angry fans:

She really wearing that around kids 💀😂

It’s inappropriate period

@aprylsjones you must be looking for a baby daddy 🌪 LOL OR A COME UP💸

Her is the outfit that has people outraged:


Apryl Jones and Omarion split back in 2016 just four months after welcoming their second child together.

Now, with two years passing since their breakup, the former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood starlet is addressing rumors that she and the father of her children are reuniting.

After a fan asked if she missed the "Ice Box" crooner, she firmly responded by stressing that she doesn't... at all.

"Let's nip this in the bud... No," she wrote. "He is the father to my kids, will always be. Some things don't always work out, and some people change. Wish him the absolute best."

It was rumored following their split that it was caused due to the R&B singer's alleged infidelity.

The former couple share two children together: A’mei Kazuko Grandberry, 2; and Megaa Omari Grandberry, 3.