Apryl From Love And Hip Hop Has A NEW MAN . . . And He's SHORTER THAN OMARION!!!

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Apryl from Love And Hip Hop dated R&B singer Omarion for years - and she even had two children with him. And she really loved that man.

The two have since broken up - and Apruyl has moved on. Sort of. You see her new man bears a striking resemblance to Omarion. Except he's even shorter.

Apryl unveiled her new bae at the Pretty Little Things premiere in California last weekend.


What's interesting is that back in March Apryl was rumored to be dating Wiz Khalifa. At the time Hot New Hip Hop reported that, "not only was Wiz spotted in the comments of Apryl’s post in March, but she responded with a “kissing” & “winking” emoji as well. And if that’s wasn't enough, Wiz also posted a pic on his own Instagram account Friday, asking fans “Who you lovin?” to which Apryl responded in the comments with a “heart emoji.”

While nothing is confirmed and the two could simply be hanging out, this seems to be a hint that the two are more than just friends. Apryl has two kids with R&B singer Omarion, but the two have been broken up since late 2016 when O was allegedly caught cheating on her.

It seems that Apryl has moved on to her new man above. 

Despite having two children Apryl has been working very hard to get her body back to it's slim thick figure. Last year the reality star flaunted her transformation:

"There was a point in my life where I didn’t feel pretty or sexy enough. Right after I had my kids and experienced one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life, those insecurities heightened and I felt my body and entire self were far from where I wanted it to be no matter what anyone else saw or thought," she shared on her Instagram post.