Former Patriots player Antonio Brown tried out for The Saints last month, but according to him, the New Orleans team did it all for the publicity, and his chances of being picked up for a team before the next season are looking rather dim.

Brown hopped online to express his frustrations over the situation:

"Everyone has deadlines. I guess the NFL don't have a deadline for me, so I appreciate Sean Payton and them guys for supporting me and bringing me out to work out. But I think it was a publicity stunt for them," Brown said on Instagram Live. 

"Sean Payton know the feeling of being left behind, not being able to interact with his team. I don't have a team. It is what it is. We don't seek comfort. We don't make excuses. I'm going to just keep committing to be the difference, 'cause I know I'm the difference."

Brown has been making headlines for all of the wrong reasons lately, and his #nomorewhitewomen campaign has ruffled more than a few feathers.

Does AB just come with too much drama?