NFL star Antonio Brown filmed a recent altercation between him and his baby mama and ex-girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss, who he accuses of trying to steal his Bentley.

He filmed the incident via his Instagram Live and told the Hollywood police that the car in question belonged to him, and he denied gifting it to her.

"I'm telling you this is my f*cking car," Brown told the cops. "This car is registered [to] Antonio Brown, you want me to show you it? You guys already know that."

Chelsie was reportedly at the residence to pick up clothing and belongings for their three children after he evicted her weeks ago.

"This b*tch is broke. She don't drive Bentleys," Brown said. "Look at her, she's a f*cking lost cause. Look at her!" He continued, "Get the f*ck outta here. Go with the b*tch ass police. Look at the little cop, you wish you could take me you b*tch ass n*gga."

We don't know what's gotten into Brown, but his kids were present during his rant and it's not a good look.