Anti-Mask Group Storms Florida Target Chanting 'Take Off Your Mask!!'

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A group of anti-maskers stormed a Target store in south Florida while playing the song "We're Not Gonna Take It," and yelling at people to take their masks off.

The incident occurred at a Target in Fort Lauderdale.

In the video, the group is seen walking through the store, asking people to take off their masks despite Broward County mandating the use of face coverings in businesses.

After the incident, Broward County fined the Target for not enforcing the mask law. 

Margaret Stapleton, Broward County spokeswoman, told the Sun-Sentinel that three people from the video who were able to be identified were mailed $100 citations for failing to wear masks. "Any additional participants from the video that are able to be identified will also receive $100 citations in the mail," she said.

Florida has a total to 671,201 infected with 152 new virus fatalities reported statewide on Wednesday alone. The state's death toll is now 12,939.