NOT AGAIN!!! Another Teen Shot In Head By 'ACCIDENT' On Live . . . Friend Was 'Playing' With Gun!! (VIDEO)

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It happened again. Another person was shot and killed, while apparently playing with guns on Livestream.

18-year-old Dylan Hemphill was shot in the head and killed In Detroit on Monday while streaming live on social media.

On Instagram, he went by the screen name of almightyy_dyl.

At approximately 11:45, Dylan Hemphill and another 18-year-old man were streaming live on Instagram while displaying the gun that killed the victim and money. The suspect said he accidentally put his finger on the trigger and the rifle fired, hitting the other 18-year-old in the back of the head in the living room of the home.

Dylan Hemphill was pronounced dead at the scene. Dylan's friend was taken into custody.

Dylan's mother, Shentel Hemphill told WXYZ-TV: "It seems so surreal right now. I'm shocked, very shocked. "They're close friends. They're like brothers. I mean, I treated [the suspect] like he was a son of mine."

This is such a sad story. We wonder how many times this has to happen before people get it? And how did they get their hands on the gun n the first place?

Can we just assume that every gun is loaded and not point them at anybody or ourselves just to avoid any potential homicides/suicides?