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ANOTHER RAPPER SHOT!! Atlanta Rapper Young Mazi Was SHOT Inside A Waffle House . . . Is There A 'WAR ON RAPPERS'??? (Details)


Two days ago, New York rapper Troy Ave was shot in Brooklyn, New York. An unnamed gunman was trying to murder the "hood" rap star.

Now another rapper with a "hood" persona was shot.

Last night, a local Atlanta rapper named Young Mazi was shot at a Waffle House in Buckhead.

In the below photo, you can see the broken glass from the aftermath of the shooting.

According to reports a few men were eating at the restaurant when Mazi walked in around 4 a.m., and the men reportedly shot the rapper in the chest, and the rapper was transported to Piedmont Hospital.

After the shooting, Mazi tweeted that God made him "bulletproof." He's said that he's been shot 10 times before.