Podcaster Adam22 is having an awful week after another gunman walked into the store and demanded that the store clerk called Adam22 as he stuck a gun in his face.

"Get the f*ck on the ground, shut the f*ck, shut the f*ck up, shut the f*ck up. Shut the f*ck up. Call Adam right now, I don't want no money. Call Adam right now. I don't want no money, shut the f*ck up, b*tch ass n*gga," he screamed at the clerk.

He filmed himself on the livestream as he carried out the crime. His arrest was also caught on camera.

Adam22 then posted surveillance footage of the stick up in which the gunman is seen leading the clerk to the storeroom before throwing the gun on the floor and walking back towards the front door.

Some people will do anything for clout!