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ANOTHER Florida Gangster Rapper . . . Caught Wearing A FASHIONOVA DRESS!! (New Trend??)


For the second time in just a few days, an upcoming Florida 'Gangster rapper" proudly wore a Fashionova dress on his social media pages. The rapper - named Melly The Menace - is a talented and popular rapper. In his new music video, Melly is shown carrying MULTIPLE guns, and hanging out with GANG MEMBERS.

But on his social media pages, Melly seems a lot less "gangster." Instead of bussing guns and flashing money (which he does sometimes), Melly is also seen just having fun with his friends. And in some of the pics, he is wearing what many are calling a "Fashionova dress."

The dress is very cute - its a solid black color, and it flares out a bit on the bottom. It's the perfect dress for a night out in the summer. Underneath the dress, Melly seems to have on some sort of leggings or pants.

We're not sure what is going on in Florida - this could be a new trend.