ANOTHER BATHROOM ATTACK!!! 6-Year-Old Girl Was ATTACKED By Older Child In The GIRLS BATHROOM . . . The Little Girl Was BEATEN . . . And They Tried To DROWN HER IN THE TOILET!!

Original: has some TERRIBLE news to report. A 6-year-old Georgia girl named Lanira Tackett was brutally attacked by a 5th grader. Lanira is in the FIRST GRADE.

Here's what we know. Police say that an 11-year-old girl allegedly LURED Lanira into the bathroom. And once inside, the tiny 6 years old was attacked. Lanira was allegedly beaten, then the older child BANGED Lanira's head on the toilet bowl and submerged her head two to three times. Authorities are not saying whether the older girl was trying to DROWN little Lanira.

Luckily for Lanira, a teacher came in just in time - and may have saved Lanira's life. Last month another girl, 16-year-old Amy Joyner was killed after a brutal beating inside the girls school bathroom.

Lanira's mom told the local news, “Older students should not be allowed to be with younger students . . . This is a problem that happens all the time in schools, and we need to address it so that our younger ones are safe at school and do not have to deal with this problem.”

The 11-year-old alleged assailant was taken into custody.