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Anonymous 'Nut Job' Files Motion To Get R. Kelly's Sex Case Dropped!!

A "nut job" filed twin motions in federal court in Brooklyn and Chicago to have R. Kelly freed from jail, arguing that the disgraced singer should be released from jail because he was never indicted.

The anonymous person filed a seven-page motion on behalf of R. Kelly, and appeared to forge Kelly's attorney Steven Greenberg's signature -- but spelled his name wrong.

"Robert Kelly ... respectfully moves this Honorable Court to expeditiously dismiss this criminal cause of action against Mr. Kelly for lack of jurisdiction, due to the lack of a Grand Jury indictment," the motion reads.

A Brooklyn judge rejected the filing.

"It purports to be for Kelly and purports to be for counsel," said Federal Judge Ann Donnelly, who handles Kelly's Brooklyn case, during a Tuesday conference. "I'm going to go out on limb and say that's not from counsel.

"That's from someone who thinks he's being helpful but obviously we know [Kelly] was indicted," Greenberg responded.

"It was some nut job from Maryland. In a case like this you have a lot of people who want to insert themselves into everything," Greenberg told the Daily News.