Kenya Moore has sparked ire of animal activists on Instagram after she posted a picture rocking a chinchilla coat.

In the post captioned:

"Strolling into brunch with @misslawrence like a boss," Moore is seen pushing a baby stroller with Brooklyn in two, as she takes a trip to meet her longtime friend, Miss Lawrence.

While many of her fans were pleased to see her out and about and looking fabulous, her coat caught the attention of anti-fur protesters, who left a few comments on her post:

"Why do you wear fur? Tortured animals is not cute!" one fan wrote.

Another fan wrote a longer post, giving Kenya the benefit of the doubt:

"The cruelty of the fur industry causes unimaginable suffering and pain to animals. ... Most of the fur industry’s animal skins come from animals forcibly confined and crowded inside small wire cages stacked on top of each other - I’m very disappointed if she’s wearing real fur - she’s highly educated woman so I hope I’m wrong"

While somebody simply wrote: "hope that’s faux fur! :)"

Kenya did not respond to the queries about her coat, but from the looks of it, she and Brooklyn had a great brunch!