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Angry Mom Ran Over Babys Father & Daughter: Because Court Gave Him 'Custody'!!

A 21- year old woman from Atlanta named Titayanna Phillips has been charged with felony murder and aggravated assaulted on Monday. Police say that Titayanna got into her car and ran over her baby's father Undra Henderson, 27, and their infant daughter Khy’undra. 


The Atlanta police told MTO News to say that Undra was stopped at a stop sign when Titayanna crashed her vehicle into his. The crash was so violent, that Undra's car was pushed across the intersection, into a telephone pole. 

All three were injured, but 3-month-old Khy’undra got it the worst.

According to online reports, Titayanna was upset that Undra was given court-ordered visitation of their daughter. The reports claim that Titayanna wanted to have "sole" custody of Khy’undra - and didn't want Undra to even have visitation - so she spazzed out.

Police say investigators concluded that Titayanna's crash was “intentional” as the crazed baby mama struck Undra’s car several times, before finally disabling his vehicle.

All three were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. Titayanna and Undra were listed in stable condition, but unfortunately, their daughter did not make it. 

Once Titayanna is discharged, she is expected to be taken straight to Fulton county jail.