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A Montgomery, Alabama mother is coming under fire, for cutting her daughter's hair - in an apparent attempt to spite her babys father

The father, who goes by the name Chase Milli, took his three children to the barbershop - so that his two sons could get here hair cut. While there, Chase decided to get his daughter's hair braided - because she felt like she was being left out.

So Chase spent a few hundred dollars, getting the 3 year old girl's hair braided. It took two hours, but the end product looked great. And both Chase and his daughter were happy with it.

But when Chase returned his daughter to her mother - she was furious. Chase's babys mother immediately pulled out a pair of scissors, and cut the child's hair out.


MTO News has contacted the Montgomery Alabama police, and notified them of this video. So far, the police department has not issued any comment on it.