ANGRY BOYFRIEND Got The Ultimate Revenge . . . On His Cheating GF . . . Was He TOO CRUEL??

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There's a VIRAL story being circulated online - and it explains how a man who was CHEATED ON by hus girlfriend - did one of the most CRUEL THINGS you could ever do to someone.

The online response has been polarizing though. Many MEN think what he did is acceptable . . . but women think what he did was AWFUL.

Here is the viral piece. We warn you, it's a long read:

Just like the title says, my scumbag ex gf cheated on me with her ex and then tried to make me raise his child as my own. When I found out, my hate for her was so real that I genuinely wanted to ruin her life. So, I pretended to be a happy family with her and the future baby, then when it was too late to have an abortion I promptly kicked her out of the apartment and let her I know that I was aware of her infidelity. She was complete wreck after the blow out and pretended to be remorseful while begging for forgiveness but frankly, I didn't want to have anything to do with her. I wouldn't even waste my piss on her if she was on fire.

Now on to the present, the baby is now 3 months old and it's a girl but there was still the lingering issue of whether I'm father or her ex. Now this part is important , but I had a vasectomy a few years ago which she didn't know about, but there was still the small paranoia in the back of my head that I might have to take care of a child that I don't want. I got the procedure done for this sole purpose because I never wanted children. They're cute but a handful. Not really my cup of tea. So I contacted my ex after months of not speaking and told her for the sake of her child we needed to get the test done. It was for both our sake's really but whatever. We had the test done about a week ago and I got the results today. I don't think I ever let out a bigger sigh of relief when I found out I am not the father. She can now go bother her jobless, league of legends addict ex-boyfriend for child support. From today I hope I don't have to ever see her face again and am so thankful this wretched woman didn't ruin my life.

I am now in a much happier relationship with the sweetest woman ever and she knows of my vasectomy but not true nature of what went down with my ex. I hope I never have to tell her because I'm not very proud of what I did but I'm also not upset at the fact that my ex is having a rough time right now. Karma had my back and its sad that she had to move back in with her mother and it's sad that her ex probably won't be able to support his child unless he gets his act together but this never would have happened if she didn't cheat or if she came clean to me soon after. Not one ounce of me is sad that she is suffering but I am human and I do feel sorry for that little girl. Too bad she has a shitty mother.