'Anger Room' Founder Is MURDERED . . . By Boyfriend!! (Details)

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A successful Black female entrepreneur was murdered in Dallas, by her live-in boyfriend.

Nathaniel Mitchell, the 34 year old live-in boyfriend of the creator of the Anger Room is suspected of her murder, according to police.

Dallas police say that Donna Alexander died after Nathaniel allegedly assaulted her on Sept. 21.

Donna was taken to Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Grand Prairie with severe injuries.

According to detectives, Nathaniel took her to the hospital after allegedly assaulting her. While there, Nathaniel gave inconsistent statements. 

Police arrested him on the spot for outstanding warrants. And within a few hours, they charged him with aggravated assault on Donna. When she died, he was charged with murder.

Donna leaves behind a son and daughter and a legacy to bring awareness to the very issue that may have taken her life.

Donna was the founder of Dallas' The Anger Room. The Anger Room is a business in Dallas, Texas that rents out rooms furnished with common objects that people can then destroy. It's meant to help people release stress - that could otherwise go towards physical violence.

Here is a video of her company:

Delores Hodge shared a birthday with her friend, Donna Alexander. They called each other their twin. "She was sweet. So sweet. So soft-spoken,” Delores said. “My last text message from her, she said ‘I love you.’"

“For it to be that she expired the same way for something that she was advocating against…” Delores said. “You think about what makes your mind say, ‘Wow, this thing is so real.’ You just never know."