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The WE TV show Growing Up Hip Hop is coming under fire today. Many folks online are saying that the way they covered the murder of Angela Simmons' babys father Sutton Tennyson was very disrespectful.

Sutton was murdered outside his Atlanta home, allegedly by a friend named Michael Williams. According to police, the two men got into an argument outside Sutton's home, about money, and Michael allegedly pulled a gun and shot Sutton several times - killing him.

Atlanta police Detective Darren Smith testified that a witness told police Williams shot Tennyson.

“Either he was moving or fired into the garage when he fired a second group of shots,” Smith said in court.

Williams’ attorney said he wanted proof Tennyson was walking away, but Smith said the report is not completed yet.

Sutton had spent some time in prison many years ago. But he changed his life around, and at the time of death, Sutton was a real estate investor and completely OUT OF THE STREET LIFE. 

Last night, on the reality series Growing Up Hip Hop, the cast members discussed Sutton's murder. And many of the viewers found the discussion disrespectful.

In the discussion cast members asked whether Sutton's death was an "inside situation." They also speculate that his death was a "drug deal gone bad."

Given that Sutton was recently murdered, and that there is no evidence that he was still involved in the streets - the discussion was in very bad taste.

Here is a video of them discussing the murder: