During last night's episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: Hollywood, Angela Simmons recalled the moment she was forced to tell her now three-year-old son the news that his father had passed away.

"I was with my son, and super emotional right, even to talk about it. He was looking out the window, and he's like, 'Daddy, white car,'" she said during the show. "I question him, 'Where do you see him?' or 'Who is Daddy? What does he look like?' I'm asking him. I'm like, 'Do you want to see your dad?' and he's like, 'Yes.'"

"So he comes over, and I start showing him videos and pictures and stuff, and he stopped," Angela continued. "It's not like he's full conversational yet, so this is what kind of makes it emotional. He was like, 'Is he alive?'"

She adds, "So, for him to ask that is like -- whoa. Did you really just say, 'Is he alive?' I was just like, 'No. He's not.'"

Sutton Tennyson was shot 13 times in November 2018.