Growing Up Hip Hop: Hollywood star Angela Simmons has opened up about her ongoing feud with Romeo Miller -and she says that she does not like how he went about it all.

"I don't even get into drama. I don't care about drama. I don't have time for drama. That happened to be drama just by default, but I didn't see it coming," she said on the HollywoodLife podcast. 

"I have nothing but love for anyone, whether they don't like me, like me. Whatever it is, it's all love. But I just didn't like, and don't like, the way he has approached the situation." 

Vanessa Simmons then added, "It definitely came out of left field, to be honest, and we didn't expect it. Didn't see it coming."

For years, viewers anticipated a romance between Angela and Romeo but were shocked to see this season that the former close friends were at odds with each other.

Angela still isn't quite sure exactly what got Romeo in his feelings...