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Angela Simmons GOES VIRAL - Posts Pic Of Her Son 'Groping' Her!!

Angela Simmons is going viral this morning on social media, MTO News has learned. She posted a picture of her son with his hands between her legs and appearing to grope the reality star.

She posted the pic and said that her son was being "such a boy" by reaching between her legs. She thought the picture was cute but many of her fans saw it differently.

Here is the picture:

Here are the responses by fans, many of whom thought the photo was in poor taste:


Angela is best known as the daughter of famous rapper Joseph “Reverend Run” Simmons, Angela Simmons is no more a celebrity kid, but has become a celebrity herself with her smartness, hard work, and dedication. She is a fashion designer, a successful entrepreneur, and a popular reality TV star.


‘Run’s House’ and ‘Daddy’s Girls’ are the two hit MTV shows in which bought the fame at her doorstep. The owner of the lifestyle brand ‘ANGELA I AM’ is also known for many other successful business ventures. ‘Kontrol’, ‘Honey’, ‘Rolling Out’, ‘Sheen’, ‘PYNK’ and ‘JET’ are some of the most popular magazines which have featured her on their covers.