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Angela Simmons Is BLASTED By Her Sister . . . For Being ‘FAKE’ . . . And MEAN!! (SHOCK ALLEGATIONS)


Angela Simmons younger sister Darian – from her mom’s side – is BLASTING ANG.
The two were on last season of Growing Up Hip Hop, and it was clear that Angela didn’t want a relationship with her younger sister.

Their sister, Vanessa tried very hard to get the sisters talking, but Angela Simmons’ nose remained firmly in the air. During last season, Vanessa also tried hard to work on her own relationship with Angela, who did not appear to want to reconnect and claimed that she was just too busy being a new mom. Or perhaps her sisters are just too boring for her?

“She’s more conservative. I’m a little ‘out there,’ not in a bad way, but I like to have fun. She’s older than me, too, so she’s now more reserved,” she explained to HelloBeautiful.

Angela was seen breaking down about her relationship with her younger sister, claiming that she wants to fox things, but we were all giving her the side-eye then – and it seems that we were right to!

Angela has a lot on her mind. There have been reports that Police arrested her baby daddy and charged him with felony transportation and sale of marijuana, and recently pleaded “no contest” to a misdemeanor weed trafficking charge, and was sentenced to 30 days community service and a suspended four-month jail sentence in Los Angeles.

Oh, dear!

Now Darian is BLASTING Angela for her “fake” attitude.