Angela Basset Celebrates Her 60th BIRTHDAY . . . Showing Off Her BODY!!!

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Angela Basset is turning 60 years old in just two weeks - and she's decided to celebrate it, by showing y'all YOUNG FOLK how a grown woman does it.

Angela has been dieting and exercising like CRAZY for the last six months, so that she can ring in the big 6-0 like no one has ever done so before. MTO News confirmed that she's having a star-studded birthday celebration in Los Angeles - with friends Magic Johnson, Sam Jackson and others in attendance.

Of course her husband and life partner Courtney B Vance will also be there to ring in the year with Angela.

Can you believe how great she looks for 60???

Angela - who eats VERY healthy and uses natural treatments to maintain her youthful look - exercised twice a day, every day.From her role as Tina Turner to recently appearing in Black Panther, Bassett’s career has included roles that showed black women as strong and capable of handling the challenges thrown their way. 

When it comes to still looking vibrant and young, Bassett credits her diet she referred to as the “fast metabolism diet” and exercise regimen. 

Still, "my greatest accomplishments are my family and my kids," Angela says of her 12-year-old twins, son Slater and daughter Bronwyn. "Seeing them grow up beautifully and respectfully is an amazing thing to watch. They are delightful individuals, and they make me so proud."