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Eddie Murphy's 10 Year Old Daughter Angel SPEAKS . . . Allegedly Writes Letter . . . Detailing How Stephen Belafonte ABUSED HER!!! (Read It)


The drama between Stephen Belafonte and ex-wife Mel B just ratcheted up a notch. Stephen recently took Mel to court - so that he could get visitation of his step-daughter Angel (Eddie Murphy's daughter).

Well, now Angela has spoken. Mel B's mother Andrea just leaked some letters from the little girl - describing how she was ABUSED by Stephen Belafonte.

In the letter, the child describes the violence she witnessed in the household. He alleges that she was "terrified" of her stepfather and that he was verbally abusive towards her. She recounts a time where Belafonte was being physical with the former Spice Girl and even snapped her nail off.

What surprising about the letter is that Angel goes on to say that she has had a good relationship with her biological father, Eddie Murphy and her siblings for years. It has always been thought that Eddie was not active in her life and only contributed child support.

During her messy divorce battle, Mel B made claims of not only physical and emotional abuse but claimed that her former husband kept her drugged for the majority of their union while Belafonte claimed that she abused alcohol and had an addiction to cocaine.

Read the letter allegedly written by Angel below.