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Angel Adams Is BACK . . . After Getting HELP From Charity . . . She Now Has TWO MORE KIDS (17 In Total) . . . And Is Facing EVICTION AGAIN!!

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You are not going to believe this. Angel Adams - the woman who said on National TV that "Someone has to pay for her kids" is back in the news.

There have been some changes in her life. First, she recently got married - and she has two MORE kids, totaling 17.

Angel and her husband face eviction (can't pay rent, lights and water) for nonpayment in three months for $600.

Once again Angel is saying that somebody has to take care of her kids.

Her new husband is just as bad as she is - he doesn't want to work a job and feels he doesn't have to. He believes that it's the government's job.

Angel says ays her kids are hungry, afraid, cold, can't function in school and aren't doing very well.

But she maintains her children are a gift from God and wants more kids.