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This week on Andy Cohen's top rated talk show Watch What's Happening Live, Andy appeared to question the paternity of Porsha and Dennis baby Pilar.

During last season of the Atlanta Housewives, Kandi Burress subtly suggested that Porsha was dating other men besides Dennis, at the time she conceived baby Pilar. Kandi was implying that Pilar's father could be someone other than Dennis.

On Watch What's Happening Live, Andy asked Dennis, how many months he was with Porsha before the pregnancy

It seemed like a simple question, but apparently it wasn't. Dennis stumbled trying to answer, and eventually said, "huh huh."

Porsha then answered for her fiancé, telling Andy, "that is a hard question."

Porsha then attempted to do the math in her head and she figured that the pair have been together for 9 months + daughter Pilar's age. Since Pilar is 1 month old, that would mean they were together for 10 months.

Andy doesn't let up the questioning though. He then gets specific and asks Porsha again how long they were actually together before pregnancy.

Dennis laughs and Porsha answers and says it was very quick because Dennis basically jumped on her.


Dennis is telling the truth, it is complicated. 

Here are pics of Porsha on a date with another man 11 months ago. She brought him to a party at fellow housewife Shamea's house.