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Andy Cohen says that he wishes Lisa Vnderpump had attended the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunion so that her viewers could hear her side of the story.

During a recent interview with E!, Cohen said:

"I wish she had come. It's hard because her voice isn't being heard, and so I think it was important to hear from her." 

He added:

"I don't think this is as big as all this. I really don't," he says. "[Lisa] has been accused of manipulation on the show, and she's let it roll off her, and she's been accused of leaking stuff before, and she's let it roll off her. It obviously is bigger to her, so I can't speak for her, but I think that if she had been there, I have a feeling that maybe they would have been able to work through some stuff." 

During the series, all of the ladies turned against LVP and sided with Dorit kemsley (who speaks with an awful faux British accent) over an adopted puppy.

LVP had recently lost her brother and was grieving, but none of the ladies seemed to offer much support once filming began, especially her former bestie, Kyle Richards,