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Viewers on 'Watch What Happens Live' were shocked to see Andy Cohen lean over to 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Lisa Rinna and utter the words "drag Lisa Vanderpump."

 “So why is nobody talking about how @Andy told @LisaRinna to ‘drag @LisaVanderpump’ before he realized he was live tonight on #WWHL? He’s so two faced and manipulative. Just look at what he did to @KathyGriffin and stop acting like he’s not a slimy opportunist. #RHOBH.”

But Andy had a clear reason for the comment and took to Twitter to explain:

"The beginning of what I said was that on the Bravo Float at World Pride we are having a “Drag Lisa Rinna, Drag Erica Jayne, and a Drag Lisa Vanderpump... “ meaning Drag Queens playing those women. It’s going to be amazing," he tweeted in response.

In Andy's defense, he's clearly supportive of LVP and doesn't entertain the ladies shading her on his show.

We believe him.