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Andrew Gillum Wife Speaks: My Husband's NOT Gay, I'm Staying With Him! (Video)


Former Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and his wife Jai are speaking out publicly, for the first time since Andrew was caught passed out in a hotel room with two men, one of whom was a gay escort. And MTO News has learned that Jai is staying with Andrew and claims that her husband is "not gay."

The couple appeared on Tamron Hall's show - which will air on Monday, September 14 on ABC and it's must see TV.

Here is the trailer:

So what did Andrew and his wife Jai have to say about the incident? Well you'll have to watch Tamron Hall's show for all the details.

But MTO News spoke with a person in production, and they tell us that Andrew and Jai are both DENYING that he's gay - or that anything romantic happened in the hotel room that day.

Here's a screenshot from the interview - and both Andrew and Jai are both wearing their wedding rings.


Let's revisit that facts surrounding Andrew's scandal once again. 

In March 2020, police found Andrew under the influence and unresponsive along with two other men in a Miami Beach hotel room. The police report indicated there was suspected methamphetamine use.

Later it was determined that one of the men in the hotel room was a gay escort.

Not long after, a series of photos surfaced from inside the hotel room showing drugs (pills and meth), sheets soiled with feces, and a man who appeared to be Andrew passed out on the floor completely nude.