Former Florida Gov Andrew Gillum & Wife Reportedly 'Working Things Out'!!


Former Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and his wife are reportedly working things out, according to a person claiming to have inside knowledge of their relationship. MTO news received word that Andrew and his wife are reportedly quarantining together with their children - and are "working things out."

(see them in the above video)

Last month, Andrew was caught by police inside a Miami hotel room filled with crystal meth and nude gay men. After the shocking revelation, Andrew admitted that he was inside the hotel room with the men, but said he was just "drunk." The former Florida gubernatorial candidate however never addressed why he was in the room with naked gay men.

Andrew's wife, the lovely and super intelligent R Jai Gillum, was reportedly planning to file for divorce following the events, but apparently that's on hold, MTO News is hearing.

According to a person with inside knowledge about the political couple, the two have been quarantining together with their three children. The insider told MTO News that Andrew and his wife are "working through this."

The insider suspects that Gillum's marriage could be saved.