One of Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum's college friend has come out, and said that there were rumors that Andrew was gay in college, MTO News has learned.

Last week Andrew was found inebriated inside a hotel room with a gay man, who police believed may have overdosed on crystal meth - a popular gay party drug. Conservative columnist Candace Owens, who broke the story, claims that police found blood and feces on the bed.

Andrew is currently married with three children. And when news of this hit social media, rumors began swirling that Andrew may be living a secret gay life.

Andrew attended Florida A&M University and popular blogger Funky Dineva attended neighboring Florida State University. Dineva, who is openly gay, claims that he is a longtime friend and supporter of Andrew

And Funky Dineva dropped a bomb. He claims that when the two attended the Tallahassee Universities, there were rumblings that Andrew was gay then.

Funky Dineva explained to his fans, "There were rumblings back when we were in college that Andrew Gillum was gay." He added, 'I'm not saying the man was gay, straight or bisexual - but anybody who was in Tallahassee at that time, if they say they didn't hear rumblings about Andrew being gay - they is a got d*mn lie."