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Andrew' Delivert' Caldwell was released from jail over the weekend, and claimed that "Jesus dropped the charges."

"Jesus dropped the charges! What the devil meant for bad, God said not today! The people tried to attack me at my home but I'm not having it! I will not be [attacked]. The devil is busy and believe what you will! I am free, praise The Lord I'm free! he posted on Instagram.

He later took to his live, to explain the events surrounding the arrest, denying that there was a warrant out for him and also denying claims that he tried to attack a man who rejected his advances.

"I did not go to jail for a warrant. I had a warrant, but I was being followed in downtown St. Louis -- I jumped on the highway, next thing I know this car started following me. I pulled over at my exit. Something told me not to go home. I did not go home. I stopped near the hospital, King's Highway. I pulled over, let down my window, next thing you know he punched me in the face, I got out, so I punched him in his face, I bust out his windows, bust out his face," he explained.

He added:

"Jesus dropped the charges, so stop calling me a jailbird! I'm not a jailbird, do y' all hear me? I'm not your mama, and I'm not your daddy. Some of y' all have to hire a lawyer, I didn't have to do none of that… He did it!"

He is now trying to cash in on his stint in jail: