Andrew Caldwell became a national sensation a few years ago, when he was video'd in church asking God to change his sexuality - from gay to straight.

Andrew claimed in the video that God "deliver't" him and has since claimed to be a "straight" man.

"Now I get hard for women. I don't get hard for men. Ain't nothing wrong with a flirtation but I'm still delivered," he declared in a recent interview with BET.

Well Andrew is out here in these streets. Earlier this week he was photo'd with a young lady that folks on social media are calling his "girlfriend." She's a very pretty girl too:


And last night he was seen up in the club, dirty dancing with the same woman. The caption on the video was "Yes Lord I love women’s no joke 👏👏👏👏"

He's out her living his best life. We hope he's happy - he definitely looks it:

In an interview with BET last year Andrew said:

"I always been in church my whole life but as grown, I was new to it. I was only going to church just to shout and to see who I was gonna sleep with — what pastor. But at that church, they want that (homosexuality) delivered out of me. They snatched that out of me," he said.

"The morning that I woke up God told me go to the store. I went and got me a bowtie, jacket and all that. I just felt peace that day, like so much peace," he said.

It wasn't until he went back to the night service, however, that he unknowingly told the world what that peace was to him.

"I went for prayer. I got the mic. He (preacher) said, what do you want God to do? And I said, 'I'm not gay no more. I am delivert. I don't like mens no more.'...I went home and said Lord, use me cause I want to be used. I started receiving lots of messages on my Facebook page. I'm like 'oh, ok, some of the church people following me that's nice. Then when I woke up people was knocking at my door to interview me," he said.