Andrew Caldwell might not be quite as "delivert" as we thought. Andrew was arrested early yesterday morning, a few moments after a St. Louis man claimed that the Christian Instagram star "sexually harassed" him.

The man claims further that Andrew attacked him after he rebuffed his sexual advances.

Here's his story on IG:

According to his IG Live, a man who he claims he does not know followed him from Downtown and later attacked him when he stopped by a hospital. He claims the man tried to rob him and punched him in the face. While speaking with cops, Caldwell said he was bleeding from his lip, but was apparently ready to fight again!

Now, as intense as that sounds, Caldwell wasn’t arrested for that situation. According to the arrest report, Caldwell was taken into the St. Louis City Justice Center at 1 AM for a few warrants, including speeding and failing to appear in court.

The social media star says he had an altercation with a man who he describes as a "car jacker" in St. Louis, Missouri. According to Andrew, this man followed him from Downtown and attacked him. 

Andrew claims the man tried to rob him and punched him in the face. 

A commotion ensued, and police were called to the scene. Unfortunately for Andrew, they learned he had warrants, and took him to jail.


Here is video of Andrew talking with police, and then being arrested for outstanding warrants - for driving and traffic infractions.