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Boxing superstar Adrian Broner is coming under fire - for allegedly sending explicit d*ck pics to a man.

The man claiming that Adrian sent him gay pics is social media star Andrew Caldwell. Andrew gained international fame when he was caught on video claiming that God healed him from being gay. In the viral video, Andrew claimed that he had been "delivert" by God.


Andrew and Adrian got into a heated Twitter fight earlier this week - at the time no one knew why they were arguing online.

The argument escalated, and Adrian allegedly threatened to murder Andrew - so Andrew got a restraining order against the boxer.

Andrew claimed Adrien made a personal threat, stating, “[Broner] says on social media that he coming to St. Louis to kill me,” according to the documents obtained by TMZ.

The order is temporary and a judge will make a decision on April 1st to decide whether or not the order will be extended.

Andrew also took to his social media to share a portion of the order and says that he is filing a lawsuit.

Then, without any notice - he dropped this bombshell: