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Andre 3000 Of Outkast Is Photo'd - Twitter Says He LOOKS HOMELESS!!

Twenty years ago, Andre 3000 was one of the most prominent and chart topping rappers in the world. But MTO News learned that the artist gave up making music - and stepped away from the public eye.

Andre wanting to live to very private life seems to avoid major events, but pops up every now and again in random pictures online.

But yesterday, pics and video of Andre began circulating the internet MTO News has learned. The Outkast rapper has been quarantining with his girlfriend in Los Angeles - and a fan managed to get footage of him.


Apparently, Andre was playing the flute on the side of the road and a fan recognized him. Most people thought that the raggedy dressed man was a vagrant, but it was Andre 3000.

The man who took the video however was a huge Outkast fan, and was able to recognize the legendary artist.

Here's the video:

Here are some responses from Twitter: