Amber Rose Unable To Lose Baby Weight - Blew Up To Over 200 Lbs!! (Shock Pics)


Social media model Amber Rose used to have one of the best bodies in the world. But ever since having her second baby, more than six months ago - the bald-headed beauty has been struggling with her weight.

And now, MTO News is hearing rumors that Amber has "blown up" to more than 200 pounds.

Amber Rose and her boyfriend Alexander Edwards were spotted out yesterday by the paparazzi as the coupe tried to get some fresh air in front of her home with a friend. 

The model was seen texting on her phone before heading indoors while wearing slippers, shorts, and a System Of A Down tank top.

Amber gave birth to her second child, Slash, more than six months ago. And despite all the exercising, and surgeries - Amber still can't lose the pregnancy weight.

All this sitting around during quarantine isn't helping her either, as Kanye and Wiz Khalifah's ex reportedly weighs more than 200 pounds.

Here's her yesterday:


Amber now joins the ranks of many other celebrity women who look much different in person (and without all the extras) than they do in their airbrushed images on Instagram. Here's Amber on Instagram. Not the same ya'll!