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Amber Rose Tells Fans . . . She's Only Slept With FOUR MEN!!! (She Telling HEAUX Tales)


Amber Rose caught herself telling lies about her bodycount. The very PROMISCUOUS social media starlet tried to explain to fans that she's only had relations with FOUR different men.

But almost as soon as she told that BLATANT LIE, she tried to correct it - first by changing the bodycount number to 7 and then to 12. Amber Rose has been linked to more than 20 celebrity men - including Kanye West, 21 Savage, Russell Simmons, Wiz Khalifah, and Kyrie Irving.

Eventually, after realizing that she didn't want o reveal her TRUE body count number - Amber attempted to CHANGE the subject - and say that it "shouldn't matter how many men she slept with.

As if taken from DONALD TRUMP's Russian LIE book, Amber thne changed the subject - to men "slut" shaming women who have bodycounts high enough to be considered "sluts".