Amber Rose took to Twitter to share several pictures of her newborn son, Slash Electric.

"Slash & Bash 👶🏽👶🏽😍🥰💙#family #slashelectric #sebastiantaylorthomaz," she captioned the post which, also featured pictures of her son Sebastian and new baby daddy, AE.

"Oh how incredibly beautiful....just Yummy babies...💜💙💛💚💗" one follower wrote.

"Truly so happy for you❤️ such a beautiful family. And the second picture speaks a thousand words. You deserve this kind of happiness✨ another commented on the post.

Another fan chimed in, "Who else wishes they were Slash on the last tab?! 😂😂#Milf" referring to her breastfeeding pic.

Amber also shared the reason for her son's unique name:

"Slash is named after the best guitarist of all time from one of the best rock bands ever. Guitarist name is slash from guns and roses and he plays electric guitar hence why my sons middle name is electric," she wrote Amber in The Shade Room’s comments section. 

Fans were not impressed with the name.