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Amber Rose has taken to Twitter to express her undying love for her current bae, Alexander Edwards.

"In the past I’ve used the words “best friend” very loosely while speaking of my ex’s but I can honestly say I feel like this man really is my BEST FRIEND! We talk for hours, he makes me a better person, he listens to me and understands me. He also came into my life at a time where I’ve had enough of the narcissistic, cheating and abuse I’ve endured over the years from my previous relationships," she wrote.

Amber Rose has been involved with high profile rappers, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and more recently, 21 Savage. But her days of dating rappers appear to be behind her.

She continued:

"Me always apologizing for things I had no business apologizing for, being gaslighted, manipulated and mentally abused 😔 I felt so damaged when I met him and pushed him away in the beginning, he has talked me through everything while simultaneously loving me and working with me so I could overcome my fear of loving someone in the most healthiest way again. So @ae4president Thank you for all of ur love and support baby. I love you so much 😘🤗🥰😇"

While to post is moving, it seems to swipe at a few of her previous relationships. But we're happy she's in a good place.