Amber Rose Poses NUDE . . . For The FIRST TIME . . . Since Breast Reduction Surgery!!!

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Amber Rose is known for putting her body online. Usually it's done in a very CRASS manner. But as Amber gets older, she's starting to become more "classy" with her sexuality.

Amber recently posed for a nude photo spread, but this time it's not her BUSSING IT OPEN in front of a mirror. The new pics show Amber nude, while covered in gold paint.

It's the first nude images that Amber has released since she underwent a "breast reduction" surgery this past January. At the time Amber - who got VERY LARGE implants when she was younger - decided that she wanted to make her body less "extreme."

The operation was a success, and Amber told fans that she was happy with her new body. Well now that the swelling is gone, and all the scars are healed - she decided to share the results with the world.

What do you think?

Here are the images - EXPLICIT