AMBER ROSE: My 5 Year Old Son Is A Male Feminist . . . He Sees Nudity And V*ginas . . . All Over My House!!!

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Amber Rose gave a recent interview with US Magazine, where she explained some of her unorthodox parenting philosophies.

Amber explained why she's not worried about posting nude pics of herself online:

"[My son is growing] up to be a male feminist and respect women. I always have this dream where my son is in school and his friends are like, ‘Man, she’s a hoe.’ Or, ‘What’s up with these hoes?’ And my son is gonna be like, ‘You can’t say that. Like, what?’ Cause he’s gonna be raised in a house with me, where it’s … just unheard of.

Here's more of Amber - on playdates with her son:

“‘When his friends come over for playdates, they’re like, ‘What!’ They’re looking at all the pictures and stuff, but, like, my son says, ‘It’s a vagina. That’s where babies come from.’ My son knows about periods. He knows all that. He knows everything.”

On Amber and nudity in her house:

"Well he just turned 5. But I do have, like, naked women all over my house. Like, pictures of vaginas, full-on vaginas. And so, like, my son, he sees so much and I’m very free with my body.”

"I walk around naked around my son all the time. I don’t [stop him when] he walks in a room, I don’t go, ‘Don’t come in! Mommy’s getting changed!’ I don’t make it a bad thing where he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry!’ It’s just like, ‘Oh, my mom’s naked. Who cares.’ You know what I mean?”