Amber Rose Is CLOSING IN On 40 Years Old . . . And Her Body STILL LOOKS GREAT!!

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Amber Rose's official age is 34 - but most believe that 21 Savage's ex is closer to 40 years old.

But whatever Amber's age, her body still looks as GOOD AS EVER. Paparazzi caught up with her last night as she was going into Argyle - a Los Angeles hot spot. And she looked amazing.

According to onlookers, the crowd went silent - when Amber strolled to the front of the line, almost as if they were stunned. Then, the hush of silence was immediately broken by the clicking of the paparazzi's cameras.

Amber complained recently about how she can't find a man after many years of thotting. Amber recently broke up with rapper 21 Savage. And honestly, they dated for a long time.

The mother of one was in the club last night having a good time, here are some pictures she shared: 


Despite everything she's still looking like a SNACK.

Amber was also in the news this weekend too for another reason: FLIRTING WITH NICKI MINAJ. Amber and Nicki Minaj were having a bit of a flirtatious exchange over social media this past weekend. Amber posted a pic of Nicki :

The Nicki responded with this photo:

Reports say, the two ladies go way back- with Nicki even rapping about Amber, then the girlfriend of Yeezy on 'Monster' with the lyrics: ''I think me, you, and Am should mènage Friday.'' Who even knows anymore, maybe this is actually a possibility - minus Kanye who's extremely busy on social media himself atm and , ya know, married.