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Amber Rose Confirms . . . She Had More Men 'RUN THROUGH' Her . ..Than The County Jail!!


Amber Rose knows that she's got a high body count, and she seems to be proud of it. Yesterday Amber posted a pic of herself and her new boyfriend - a semi-pro basketball player. When one fan decided to MAKE FUN of Amber - for her promiscuous past - Amber decided to clap back.

But instead of saying something defensive, Amber OWNED HER PAST. She confirmed to the girl that she had more s*xual partners . . . than there are inmates in the county jail.

The commenter was speechless after Amber made the point. Look:


Despite the hate from SOME, other fans came to Amber's defense. . . 

One particular follower said that ‘our men are locked up the most .. she can’t date no more? Woman love judge each other.. what about the men.. no comment huh? Women never support each other it feels better to play holier than thou huh?!’

Another person believes that ‘Bottom line…. 1. YOU CAN’T LIVE SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE FOR THEM. 2. YOU ARE IN NO PLACE TO JUDGE IF YOU ARE NOT FINANCIALLY/EMOTIONALLY SUPPORTING THEM. Sorry, I really hate all caps, but these are two principles that so many here are overlooking because they want to weigh in on someone else’s life.’

One of Amber’s fans defended her, writing the following: ‘whatever she wants to do with her body is her business just like what however many women a man sleeps with is his own business. Just because I made my statement doesn’t mean I’m saying having a high body count is the way to go, I’m just saying for the women that do who is anyone to judge when men are not being held to the same standard. That’s all.’

She recently broke up with her former love, 21 Savage whom she said she loved a lot. That’s why she kept posting various romantic messages about him on social media even after they broke up.