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Earlier this month Amber Rose announced she and her new fiancé, music exec Alexander Edwards, are expecting a child together. It is Amber's second child - her first is a son by ex-husband Wiz Khalifah.

Unfortunately, not everyone in Amber's life is happy for her. In fact, many of her clout-chasing friends are ignoring her. And Amber called out friends that are not supporting her during this pregnancy.

Over the weekend Amber Rose called out her neglectful friends and told them to keep that same energy once her baby is born. She wants to rid herself from "clout chasers."

In the comment section of Amber's Instagram, a fan called out Amber's former bestie Blac Chyna, and Amber "liked" the comment.

Clearly, these comments were aimed - at least in part - towards Chyna.

Here's what Amber said:

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