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Amber Heard Denies Johnny Depp's Claims She Defecated In Their Bed!!

Actress Amber Heard is denying allegations that she defecated in her marital bed after fighting with ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

“This accusation is completely untrue and has been designed purely to humiliate Ms Heard,” a spokesperson for Heard told The Post during Depp’s defamation trial against Daily Mail.

“As the evidence in court showed, Mr Depp discussed committing such a prank for years beforehand and it plays to his lavatorial and abusive sense of humour. Mr Depp’s team is trying to grab headlines -- at the expense of the truth -- and distract from the serious, central issue of this case: the perpetration of domestic violence.”

It is actually suggested that Depp asked an assistant to poop in the bed as part of a prank.

“Will you squat in front of the door of the master bedroom and leave a giant coil of dookie so that Amber steps in it and thinks that one of the dogs, primarily Boo, has a major problem… It’ll be funny!!!” a text reportedly reads.

This trial gets stranger and stranger...