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MTO EXCLUSIVE PICS: Amber Rose DYED Her Son's HAIR BLONDE . . . Now They Both . . . Have The SAME HAIRSTYLE!!! (PICS)

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Amber Rose and her son Sebastian are EXTREMELY CLOSE. Maybe that’s why they decided to get matching hairstyles.

Amber has been rocking a finger wave recently in both blonde and blue shades, but she also dyed her son's hair, her trademark blonde - and it looks pretty cute!

At one point last week, it looked like her boo, 21 Savage might have been following suit too, as he posted videos of himself, claiming that he had done the big chop and got rid of his locs.

But it all turned out to just be for attention. 21 Savage is not loc-less, and he will not be getting a blonde caesar cut - at least not anytime soon.

Rose has been busy on social media showing off her breast reduction, which at first glance, doesn't appear to be too drastic.

While Sebastian looks cute with his blonde cut, bleached hair is prone to dryness, breakage and can cause serious damage to hair if not careful. We're hoping that Rose was smart enough to use temporary hair color. If not, she could always chop it all off and start over.

What are your thoughts? Do you like Amber Rose and Sebastian's matching hair? Or should she leave the young boy's natural hair alone until he's old enough to decide on his own hairstyle choices?

Here’s Amber:

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And here's adorable baby Bash:

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