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AMAZING STORY!!! Struggling College Student With A 1.4 G.P.A Explains . . . How He TURNED THINGS AROUND . . . And Now Got HIS PHd!!!

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Many college students find the transition from High School to higher education to be difficult. One former student decided to post an inspirational piece on social media.

The young man just received his Doctoorate in immunology, after starting off college with just a 1.4 G.P.A. That's a C-.

After turning things around, and committing to studying, he bossted his G.P.A. significantly - and ended up getting a FULL scholarship to get his DOCTORATE in immunology. He also has a new baby to help him celebrate his accomplishments. Here is what the new Dr. posted on social media:

At one point my college GPA was a 1.4 and I withdrew from college for a year. 8 years later, after a lot of long nights and early mornings, I got my doctorate and commenced on my next journey!