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Amara La Negra believes that R. Kelly should have been locked up a long time ago.

Speaking to TMZ, La Negra slammed the artists, stating that he should have been locked up a long time ago. She also had some harsh words for those captured on video partying with R. Kelly in a club last week for his birthday.

"He should’ve been in jail along time ago. I don’t even know how he’s been out so long because just with that video that was a leak to many years ago – that was enough proof to… I think everybody has known.

"I personally do not think that he should be out partying or doing any of that nonsense, however, were there people in the club supporting him after knowing everything that is happened? Okay, so it’s very difficult when one person is not going to be the only want to stop or create a movement, it has to be as a whole, as a society, we all see that our children are being abused or things are being done to our children. We, as a whole, need to come together and say, 'You need to stop.'"

R. Kelly has divided the entertainment industry, with some coming out to defend him. But the majority of celebrities have either remained silent or have condemned his actions.