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Amanda Seales sat down for an interview with The Breakfast Club, where she lightly shaded her Insecure costar, Sarunas Jackson.

A few weeks back, Jackson called her out for her behavior at a recent event and implied that Seales has a bad attitude and was unliked by her fellow castmates.

"You can't be a disrespectful-ass human being and expect people to want to hang out with you," Jackson said after she was allegedly escorted out of the Black Emmys. "It's quite simple. Sit it out."

But she says that he is really just looking for attention:

"People make conflict where there isn't," she said. "I never at any point said my costars saw me and decided not to help me. I never said that! They did have a table, but that doesn't mean they saw me. It's a club! The table could be back, around the corner and behind the DJ booth."

"We're not even going to acknowledge that individual because he did that so that he could get acknowledged. No. But know that I have looked out for him," she continued.